matter [mat′ər]
[ME matiere < OFr < L materia, material, stuff, wood (< base of mater, MOTHER1), orig., the growing trunk of a tree]
1. what a thing is made of; constituent substance or material
2. what all (material) things are made of; whatever occupies space and is perceptible to the senses in some way: in modern physics, matter and energy are regarded as equivalents, mutually convertible according to Einstein's formula, E = mc2 (i.e., energy equals mass multiplied by the square of the velocity of light); in dualistic thinking, matter is regarded as the opposite of mind, spirit, etc.
3. any specified sort of substance [coloring matter]
4. material of thought or expression; what is spoken or written, regarded as distinct from how it is spoken or written; content, as distinguished from manner, style, or form
5. an amount or quantity, usually indefinite [a matter of a few days]
a) something that is the subject of discussion, concern, action, etc.; thing or affair [business matters]
b) cause, occasion, or grounds [no matter for jesting]
7. the body of heroic stories and legends, as contained in a folk epic, regarded as central to a culture or literature [the King Arthur stories make up the matter of Britain]
a) an important affair; thing of some moment or significance
b) importance; moment; significance [it's of no matter]
9. an unfavorable state of affairs; trouble; difficulty: with the [something seems to be the matter]
10. documents, letters, etc. sent, or to be sent, by mail; mail [second-class matter]
11. a substance discharged by the body; specif., pus
12. Law something that is to be proved
13. Philos. that which has yet to take on form; undifferentiated substance of reality or experience
14. Printing
a) written material prepared, or to be prepared, for printing; copy
b) copy ready to be printed
1. to be of importance or consequence; have significance [the things that matter to one]
2. to form and discharge pus; suppurate
as a matter of fact
see this phrase at FACT
for that matter
in regard to that; as far as that is concerned: also for the matter of that
no matter
1. it is of no importance
2. regardless of

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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